Artist Statement


There are two arenas of art in which I currently play. One is weaving and the other is gelatin printmaking. I love working with the color and spontaneity afforded me in both of these mediums.

Saori weaving
Saori weaving is a free form, versatile style of weaving where every part of a creation is considered a fingerprint of the artist. Hence, there are no mistakes. I ‘m more particular than that, but I like the looseness of the approach which helps me be playful.

Gelatin Printmaking
In making monotypes – one of a kind prints – I use a gelatin printing plate with all kinds of found and cut objects. I never know what I am going to get. Sometimes I am delightfully surprised and sometimes I wish I just hadn’t taken that last step. I take many prints and elaborate on them with colored pencils creating another generation of art with a completely new life.

Events I have participated in include:

Jamaica Plain Open Studios

West Medford Open Studios

Gelatin Prints and Handloomed Treasures